About making excuses

Jessica over at Living On Purpose recently wrote a post on https://us.damaraji.com/ the problems of obesity in the US. Jessica’s post got me thinking about reasons why people neglect or mistreat themselves to the point where their lives are literally at stake. Here is my view.

I believe that there are a number of reasons for the obesity situation in the western world such as poverty, often people do not have the money to buy healthier foods, lack of time due to stressful lives, juggling kids and work can be extremely demanding and often diet and exercise are the first to be sacrificed when we are tired and stressed out, and also ignorance, often people simply do not have adequate knowledge to make healthy choices.

But there is another reason that I think is often over looked and that is your thinking. Let me give you an example.

When I used to smoke I would use two excuses for not quitting although I desperately wanted too. Firstly I would tell myself that I could not quit because it would be really difficult and if I did not manage to quit I would feel even guiltier than I already did. Secondly I would tell myself over and over that if I quit smoking I would gain weight. Those were my staple excuses and I used them religiously for 11 years.

So because I did such a great job of convincing myself that I was not making excuses, that my ‘reasons were facts’, those excuses became my beliefs. Over time I came to truly believe that the excuses I was using were true facts, I effectively altered my belief system and this was why I could not quit. When we truly believe something it affects how we behave and how we act whether in a positive or negative way.

Wrote by : Carol King