Correction for Saying Sunnah from The Prophet in Friday Night

In recent years, every Thursday some arrived flirting with each other saying: “It is Thursday again, the Prophet’s Year”, “do not bother, tonight the Year of the Apostles”, “Jumatan Night, the Apostles of the Year” or some racial ” “, And many other terms with similar meanings.

All terms are often interpreted as marital activity. Jokes or joking became very common in being listened to along with the development of IT that speed up the message cycle.

Jokes or jokes are not really a problem in religion. Unless you want to know the actual situation of Shariah, we need to receive an explanation of the relationship between the experts of the Islamic Sunnah of the Apostles, on Friday night, and the intimacy between husband and wife.

It is not obligatory in the year for intercourse on certain nights, such as the two or Fridays, and it is among the scholars that it is preferable to have intercourse on Friday.

That is, “In the year there is no sign of intercourse doubling on some nights, including Monday night or Friday evening.” But there are a few scholars who announced incitement to intercourse on Friday evening “(see gift from Zuhayli AZ, Al-Islami wa Fiqhul Adillatuh, second edition, 1985 AD / 1305, Beirut, Dar al-Fikr, page 3 section 556).

The sheikh of Zuhayli describes the gift with the mention of the Mashreq and that the Sunnah does not defend the marital intercourse specifically on Friday night. If there is any suggestion, it comes from a handful of scientists. However, Sheikh Wahba himself did not deny that husband and wife intimacy is rewarded. Learn more about Islam in It’s just that no extinction does it on a Friday night priority basis. That is, intimacy can be done on any day without privileges of certain days or times.

The interpretation of this legal position is so important that there has been no decline in the Apostles so broad year. Because many other suggestions that are good to do on Friday evening where the double handed over to the Prophet, read the message Yassin, Al Jum’ah, Al-Kahf, Al Waqiah, ask forgiveness and pray for the believers who died. While joking with such a term does not matter. Even if it is just a joke, such good conditions are very limited among the top only. Wallahua’lam.