5 Strategic Family Hotel in Cilacap Starts Rp 100 Thousands

Cilacap is the city of Bahari. Bordered directly by the famous island of Nusa Kambangan, Cilacap has a number of interesting sights. If you want to play water, there is a Kubangkangkung Reservoir ready to refresh you. However, if you’re a fan of heights, get close to Selok Mountain.

About the inn, not to worry. Pegipegi has a range of convenient hotel recommendations with affordable prices and complete facilities. For your reference, here are 5 comfortable hotels in Cilacap for family holidays starting from Rp 100 thousands. Check it out, yuk!


Managed by Horison, @HOM Premiere Cilacap is very easily accessible from the heart of Cilacap city. Comes with the concept of elegant and comfortable dwelling, @HOM Premiere Cilacap presents a variety of exciting facilities and services for you and your family. From Rp 184,331 * at Pegipegi, @HOM Premiere Cilacap has rooms complete with air conditioning, LCD TV, smoking room, comfortable bathroom to Wi-Fi. You can also enjoy breakfast available every day.


Cilacap is the city of Bahari. Bordered directly by the famous island of Nusa Kambangan, Cilacap has a number of interesting sights. If you want to play water, there is a Kubangkangkung Reservoir ready to refresh you. However, if you’re a fan of heights, get close to Selok Mountain. About the inn, not to worry. Pegipegi has a range of convenient hotel recommendations with affordable prices and complete facilities. For your reference, here are 5 comfortable hotels in Cilacap for family holidays starting from Rp 100 thousands. Check it out, yuk!


Located on Jalan Jendral Sudirman no. 20, Cilacap, Whiz Hotel Sudirman Cilacap is a comfortable and strategic residence. The minimalist concept with modern furniture becomes the strength of this one hotel. With a budget ranging from Rp 188,195 * in Pegipegi, enjoy a variety of exciting facilities at Whiz Hotel Sudirman Cilacap. Mutiara Hotel Cilacap. Like free Wi-Fi in all rooms, TV, air-conditioning, restaurant, cleaning service, friendly receptionist, Wi-fi in public areas, and some other facilities.


Cilacap is the city of Bahari. Bordered directly by the famous island of Nusa Kambangan, Cilacap has a number of interesting sights. If you want to play water, there is a Kubangkangkung Reservoir ready to refresh you. However, if you’re a fan of heights, get close to Selok Mountain. About the inn, not to worry. Pegipegi has a range of convenient hotel recommendations with affordable prices and complete facilities. For your reference, here are 5 comfortable hotels in Cilacap for family holidays starting from Rp 100 thousands. Check it out, yuk!

Malioboro, The Most Famous Place in Yogyakarta

Malioboro, The Most Famous Place in Yogyakarta

Malioboro Yogyakarta – Malioboro is one of exceptionally renowned road in Yogyakarta. Put at the core of the city, Malioboro has all the intriguing fascination you can appreciate.

You can discover craftsmanship shop, stock store, fascinating culinary and incredible road exhibitions from a considerable measure of performer and craftsman. And furthermore, there is a considerable measure Instagrammed Places you can investigate in each edge of Malioboro.

Malioboro Yogyakarta

Yet, relatively few of us know the historical backdrop of Malioboro and why this road turn out to be extremely acclaimed and turned out to be must visit put in Yogyakarta

Malioboro is known for the history that takes after. The presence of Malioboro regularly connected with three hallowed places in Yogyakarta, Mount Merapi, Kraton and The South Beach (Pantai Selatan).

In Sanskrit, Malioboro implies a blooming bunch. Word Malioboro likewise originate from an English pioneer named Marlborough who once lived there between 1811-1816. The work of Malioboro road was at the correct time with the work of Kraton Yogyakarta. At first, Malioboro styled as a nonexistent pivot between The South Beach (Parangkusumo shoreline), Kraton and Mount Merapi.

Malioboro began to end up swarmed at the provincial time in 1790 when Netherland government fabricated Vredeburg post toward the finish of the street. Moreover manufactured a stronghold, Netherland likewise builds up Dutch Club in 1822, Dutch Governor’s Residence eight years after the fact, Java Bank and Post Office not long after. Malioboro grew rapidly on account of the exchange agreement between the Dutch and Chinese merchant. At 1887, Malioboro road partitioned into two with the foundation of prepare station, which now known as Tugu Yogya Train Station.

Malioboro additionally has an essential part in Indonesian freedom battle. In the south corner Malioboro road, there’s been substantial battling against Netherlands pilgrim armed force who need to assert Yogyakarta. This battle is now known as Serangan Umum 1 Maret 1949.

Malioboro keeps on developing. By keeping the first idea, Malioboro turns into the focal point of live Yogyakarta individuals. Key places, for example, Yogyakarta Governor’s workplaces, People Representative’s Office, Beringharjo Market Center and Presidential Palace Gedung Agung situated around there. Source: https://www.indonesiatourismguides.com

Changhua Travel Guide

Changhua Facts

Area: in the mid-west of Taiwan Island

Zone: 415 square miles (1,074 square kilometers)

Best time to visit: November to April; stay away from June to September as heavy rain and storm may hit the area

Attractions – Things to Do

Pakua Mountain: Lying upper east of Changhua, Pakua Mountain is 315 feet (96 meters) high. It was a military stronghold amid the antiquated circumstances. The Buddha statue, sitting on a white lotus platform as high as 72 feet (22 meters), over the mountain is the historic point of the area. Wellspring show is held at the Nine-Dragon Pond before the Buddha in the nighttimes of ends of the week and occasions. Behind the statue is the Buddha Hall which houses recorded relics and 19 Buddhist compositions.

Lukang Small Town: Lukang was an imperative social and business town amid the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) where one can learn conventional Taiwanese culture. It has some all around ensured old sanctuaries worked amid the Qing Dynasty and the Japanese frontier time frame (1895-1945). Among them, the Lungshan Temple, Thean Hou Temple, and Wenwu Temple are the most celebrated. The conventional boulevards can be seen while walking around the Lukang Old Street, Touching Breast Lane and Half Well. Illuminate yourself about the traditions by going by the Folk Arts Museum.

Lungshan Temple: It is the best-moderated Qing style design of Taiwan, worked in 1653. It is in this sanctuary where Taiwan’s greatest old ringer is hanged. Both the carvings and the vivid designs are dazzling and wonderful, particularly the caisson roof over the stage, which is to resound amid the execution.

Thean Hou Temple: This one in Changhua is better than some other Matzu sanctuaries in Taiwan, in light of the fact that the Matzu statue in this sanctuary is the special case that originates from Matzu’s origin, i.e. Meizhou. The sanctuary was worked in 1685 and the last remaking was in 1936. It now involves a huge scale zone and has a glorious wonder to it. A consistent stream of individuals comes to supplicate each day.

Wenwu Temple: It comprises of Wen Hall, Wu Temple and Wenkai College. The Wen Hall and Wu Temple were worked in 1812 though the Wenkai College was built in 1822 to recognize the establishing of Taiwanese culture. The sanctuary has a charming mood with three structures all encompassed by gardens.

Lukang Old Street: It is additionally called the “Can’t See Sky Street” in light of the fact that Lukang is blustery and sandy. Occupants along these lines manufactured a rooftop over the road to keep sands from being blown down. Subsequently one can’t see the sky gazing upward. Numerous recorded structures remain here, for example, Yuanchanghang and Shiyi Building.

Touching Breast Lane: The path is narrow to the point that just a single individual can breathe easy. On the off chance that thusly two individuals meet en route, they need to brush past each other; subsequently its name. As indicated by the older folks, the inhabitants abbreviated the separation between the houses with a specific end goal to keep the solid ocean wind.

Half Well: It isn’t really a half well but instead the mass of a house that partitions it into two sections. One half is inside the house and the other half outside. It is to give water to those individuals who couldn’t burrow a well. It goes to demonstrate cozy connections between neighbors. The well is these days loaded with soils and turn into a touring spot.

People Arts Museum: The historical center was the rich Gu Family’s previous living arrangement, the working of which was finished in 1919. It was then given in 1973 and along these lines turned into the Folk Arts Museum. More than 6,000 day by day necessities (what are they?) from the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) to early Republic of China are on shown here.

Confucius Temple: It was first worked in 1726 to venerate Confucius. Baisha Academy, one of the four most celebrated institutes in Taiwan, was situated in the sanctuary. The front entryway is constantly shut aside from amid loving day each September 28th; henceforth, guests must enter through the side door.

Cheng Sing Gong Temple: The design is brilliant and fabulous. This goes to demonstrate individuals’ regard for their national saint Cheng Sing Gong, who recovered Taiwan over from the pioneers and made positive commitments to its improvement.

Step by step instructions to Get to Changhua

Via prepare:

One can board a prepare from Taipei, Taichung, Kaohsiung or some other city to Changhua. Admission for a standard prepare from Taipei costs TWD 320-415 with the length of 2.5-3.5 hours, and from Taichung, it takes 15 minutes with a charge of TWD 31-40. The fast prepare from Taipei takes 70 minutes, costing TWD 795 for a non-saved seat and TWD 820 for a standard seat, and from Taichung, it costs TWD 125-130 with a movement time of 10 minutes. Dont Forget Booking From here to get the cheapest price and get promo to changua !

Important Things to Know before Visiting Cherating Beach Malaysia

Cherating Beach is the best place to visit when you want to enjoy the vacation to the nature of completed facilities. Located on the east coast of Malaysia, you can enjoy everything including the tropical rainforests, wildlife, and certainly the warm water. Many couples and families make it as their favorite holiday destination to enjoy the secluded beaches and lush jungles.

These are the important things to know before you visit Cherating Beach Malaysia.

The Best Time to Visit Cherating Beach
Cherating Beach Malaysia is always sunny with hot and humid air all year round. The temperatures range from 22 to 32 degree Celsius. The wet season of Monsoon commonly starts from November to February. However, the east coast of Malaysia is commonly drier than the other side of the peninsula.

How to Go to Cherating Beach
From Kuala Lumpur, you can book a flight to Kuantan Malaysia. Use a booking website to see the available flights to the region. From Kuantan, Cherating Beach can be reached in about 45 minutes by car. Meanwhile, if you prefer a road trip from Kuala Lumpur, the beach town is accessible in about three hours by car.

Visas and Vaccines
Before you travel to Malaysia, make sure you have had the last of your regular Diphtheria vaccination, as well as Mumps, Measles and Rubella vaccination. Consult your doctor to know whether you need Hepatitis A and Typhoid vaccinations too.

Some countries allow their citizens to stay in Malaysia without visa up to three months. Check whether your country belongs to the visa-free countries in Malaysia. However, make sure you have a valid passport for at least six months.

More Tips to Go to Cherating Beach

• You can find many monkeys in all places of jungles around Cherating Beach. They are adorable but you still have to be careful. Don’t let your luggage or food unattended, or you will see many monkeys come and take all of your stuff.

• One of the most interesting activities on Cherating Beach is visiting the turtle sanctuary. It is located only five minutes from the Cherating Beach and very easy to reach. However, it is closed on Mondays. You need to plan the visit or call the sanctuary beforehand. It is also important to find information about the hatchling release schedule. So you can enjoy your time there more.

• Don’t forget to use sunscreens and mosquito repellant since the tropical area must have many mosquitoes and scorcher sun.

Happy traveling^^

Bali Driver Tips for A Pleasant Trip

Hire private driver Bali tips can be used as the helpful information when people want to explore places around Bali. Finding a driver in Bali will save much time when you want to visit some places in a day. as an experienced driver, they know where to find the shortest route to reach the destination. Even when you want to buy some unique souvenirs, these drivers will drive you to the heaven of it.

Bali Driver Tips for A Pleasant Trip - Bali Driver Five
Bali Driver Five http://www.balidriverfive.com/ P : +62 878 6039 4691 M : info@balidriverfive.com

Tips on Finding a Bali Driver

When you try to find private car hire with driver Bali, you need to figure out these Bali driver tips. These tips may be useful when you are still looking for the Bali driver. By reading this, you will have comfortable and also enjoyable trip there.

Speak English

One of the most important Bali driver tips is that you have to find a driver who knows what you are saying. At least a driver that can speak English will do. If you find it difficult, it would be better for you to find the one who can really understand your language so that what you need and where you want to go can be clearly understood.

Know the places in Bali well

What is the essence of hiring a driver in Bali when he knows nothing or very little about the place where you want to go? It is a total nonsense that you are going to hire someone who knows nothing about the destination you want to visit. Thus, you need to find a driver who knows lots of information about the popular destination such as the crowded time, what to do and what should not, the best food to try, and anything. It would be better if the driver shares related information to the tourists to make them feel more excited about the destination.

You can hire a trusted experienced driver who can speak English well by visiting the website of Bali Driver Five.

The Temple of the Dawn, Wat Arun Temple Bangkok

Wat Arun Temple Bangkok is one of the most well-known landmarks of Thailand. The image is commonly found in postcards and kinds of information related to the country. The most typical part of the temple is the giant 80meters prang, the tower built on a bank of Chao Phraya River in the architectural style of Khmer. Wat Arun Temple is also called as the Temple of the Dawn and it is one of six highest grade temples of Royal Temples in the first class and as the most respected temples in Thailand.

Wat Arun Temple History

Wat Arun Temple Bangkok belongs to some temples that precede Bangkok founding. The establishment was also the beginning of Rattanakosin era in the year 1782. Since the very first time of the establishment, the giant prang of the temple has dominated the Chao Phraya River’s skyline. Until today, all travelers always choose the temple as one of their destinations in Thailand.

In 1767 when the former Ayutthaya Kingdom had been destructed by Burmese, the King Taksin the Great then built Thonburi on Chao Phraya’s west bank. Then it became the new capital of the kingdom. The Grand Palace of the Thonburi Kingdom is nearly directly the opposite of Wat Arun Temple location. Wat Arun was originally called as Wat Jaeng, it was established on the older temple remaining called Wat Makok in the era of Ayutthaya.

The Thonburi Kingdom ended after the King Taksin death in 1782. Then the Rattanakosin Kingdom established Bangkok as the new capital on the opposite side of Chao Phraya River. The temple was renamed to be Wat Arun Rajwararamor Wat Arun after the King Rama II in reign.

How to Get to Wat Arun Temple

The Wat Arun Temple Bangkok location is on the Wat Arun Amarin Road, on the Chao Phraya River’s west bank. It is the opposite of the Grand Palace and the Wat Pho Temple Thailand. The easiest way to reach the temple is by sailing on a boat. Get there by Chao Phraya express boat to the destination of Chao Phraya River east bank named Tha Tien Pier. From the east bank, then take a Tha Tien express boat to cross to the opposite bank. It will be only a short ride but will make you amazed of the beautiful views. It will also be a good chance to take the picture of the giant Wat Arun prang. Everyone who wants to go Wat Arun Temple Bangkok opens every day from 8 am to 5.30 pm. The entrance ticket is 50 baht per person.

Traveling to Malaysia; A Full Travel Guide


Malaysia is one of the best destinations in Southeast Asia for you to travel. The country with  the amazing diversity of ethnic provides many attractions for the travelers. Everything from exploring the jungles, hiking, enjoying the tropical beaches, diving and snorkeling, culinary tour, and also see the wonderful cultural heritages.


Complete Highlights

Those who travel to Malaysia for the first time mostly choose to visit the peninsula. You can visit Sabah and Sarawak too if you have enough time and understand the country better.You can visit Penang Island that has the amazing history, culture, and delicious cuisines.The most beautiful national parks of the country are at the east. It is Taman Negara National Park; the 130 million years old park with virgin forests. Otherwise, visit Perhentian Islands for enjoying beautiful beaches and the wonderful underwater world.

Popular Destinations in Malaysia

Some most popular destinations in Malaysia are Langkawi with its beautiful beaches and limestone karsts; Kuching that houses classy accommodations, museums and some options for day trips; Kuala Lumpur, the modern, busy and green capital city of Malaysia; Kinabalu Park with the spectacular natural wonders of the Malaysia’s highest mountain; and Melaka the historic city that has become cultural exchange and trade city for over 600 years.

Besides, Malaysia also has many other destinations for the amazing holidays, such as Pangkor Island, Sipandan for diving, Kinabatangan River the longest river in Sabahfor enjoying wildlife adventure, Danum Valley to enjoy the pristine jungles, and Kuala Terengganu.

Great Places for Outdoors Enjoyment

For those who love outdoor activities, some places that are best to visit are such as Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park that offers stunning water activities and lush jungle adventures; Mantanani Islands that also provides wonderful experiences of tropical archipelago holiday; and Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Center that preserves the orphaned orangutan babies to be released after they are ready.

Best Time to Go

The wettest period of Malaysia is in November and February. The wet season in the west coast of peninsula Malaysia is between May and September. Even though it is rain or not, the climate in the country is still hot and humid every day.

How Long the Holiday and How much It Cost?

To travel to Malaysia and explore all of the top destinations, you will need three to four weeks of traveling time. The expenses for standard living cost will be about US$20-25 per day for simple accommodation, street foods, and cheap transport and not drink alcohol too much. For a more comfortable trip, you may need US$35-45 of daily expense. Meanwhile, if you choose to stay at a resort, you should prepare US$100 – $150 or higher per day for the accommodation only.

Traveling to Malaysia will be much cheaper if you choose cheap airlines like Malaysia AirAsia. Book the flights in the right booking website so you will direct to the cheapest flights available every day. Airpaz is the best place where you can find the best flights.

Cottonwood Bed and Breakfast House – Unique Guest House in Bandung

Ever thought ga how to enjoy a holiday in Bandung that do not make heavy in the bag? For me who happened to live in Bandung from ‘brojol’ until now, lately quite surprised with the proliferation of budget hotels and guest house in Bandung. It feels so much when Cipularang toll road is opened, if ga wrong in 2005 when there is a 50th anniversary of the Asia-Africa Summit in Bandung, everything in Bandung city is ‘booming’. Ga only bistros, culinary places, hotels are just ‘booming’ but the stuck is also ‘booming’ extraordinary. Hehehe. Just imagine the trip that had to be taken by friends from the beloved capital of Jakarta to Bandung which should take approximately 3 – 4 hours through Puncak, now can be reached only with 2 hours or even less. Therefore, flocking friends from Jakarta every weekend to Bandung, remove tired from the congestion and busyness of the city of Jakarta which I think Bandung people dozens of times the severity , hihihi.

Back to laptop yuuu. I want to give tips for friends who want to visit Bandung and vacation in an economical way. With the proliferation of budget hotels and guest houses in Bandung would make friends more confused choose an economical place to stay. To be sure the price can be economical but the service can ga economical well hehehehe, if the service should be like a five star hotel. Well this time I want to review some guest house unique options that obligatory friends try ya in Bandung

cottonwood bed and breakfast houseCottonwood Bed & Breakfast House is one guest house that must be visited by friends who want to vacation in Bandung. The location is really on the main gate into the city of Bandung is near the Pasteur toll gate.

Full address at Kumala Garden Complex B2 / 1A. So once exit from Pasteur toll gate immediately take exit to left then turn left until found Mustang Road is on right side of road. Entrance to Jalan Mustang (Kompleks Kumala Garden) approximately 200 meters Cottonwood Bed & Breakfast House is right on the left side of the road. This guest house is suitable for friends who have plans to tour to Lembang and also have plans for culinary or shopping in the city of Bandung because of its position is flexible enough to come here. Ohyah location is very close to Husen Sastranegara Airport.

Why Cottonwood including a unique guest house in Bandung? because the nine rooms are thematic, presenting a different atmosphere with each other. Decor and decoration of each room was different. Vintage style thick with shades of pastel colors will give its own warmth and make friends feel like being at home abroad there. The walls in the halls are decorated with unique displays and items that do not occur to them as they are good for decoration. Guaranteed to stay here, will immediately fall in love and pengen back again to try another type of room. Try to see the pictures of the unique rooms.

Each room features a 68-channel flat-screen TV, air conditioning, bathroom with toiletries equipped with hot and cold shower. Laundry service, daily newspaper, hair dryer and even aromatheraphy oil are available on request. Certainly if friends choose to try to stay here, breakfast includes the following mineral water, coffee, tea and bread as complimentary are available 24 hours. Breakfast is served near a well-groomed garden with a refreshing green atmosphere and heart of course.

For those of you who like Scrapbooking or want to learn how to make Scrapbook, Guest House has its own special workshops Scrapbooking knick-knacks. Many unique items are sold in this workshop.

Enough with just spend from Rp285.00 and booking at http://www.hotelmurah.com – per room per night, friends can enjoy all the warmth offered by one of the unique guest house in Bandung, Cottonwood Bed and Breakfast House that will make you feel you are taken miles from home, yet feel hommy at the same time.

Cheap Hotel Near Trans Studio Bandung

One of the family attractions that already popeler in Bandung is Wahana Trans Studio Bandung. A variety of interesting attractions that exist in Trans Studio Bandung a special attraction for tourists. No wonder if every weekend or national holidays, Trans Studio Bandung rides are always flooded with visitors, especially for those who bring family. Because in addition as a tourist spot, Wahana Trans Studio Bandung also as a means of education for children. Here children can play while studying in every rides provided.

Cheap Hotel Near Trans Studio Bandung

Maybe you are currently planning a vacation to Trans Studio Bandung is looking for hotels near Trans Studio Bandung or is looking for a cheap hotel near Trans Studio Bandung. There are two hotels that are located closest to Trans Studio Bandung and indeed both hotels are still one house with Trans Studio Bandung. The two hotels are The Trans Luxury Hotel Bandung and Ibis Bandung Trans Studio.

If you have an excess budget and want to stay in a luxurious hotel near Trans Studio Bandung, then your choice is only The Trans Luxury Hotel. This hotel is a 5 star luxury hotel in Bandung which is already no doubt will be the facilities and quality of service. The Trans Luxury Hotel is mostly booked by businessmen who are no business in the city of Bandung. This 5-star hotel offers quite luxurious room rates of almost two millions per night. But surely the facilities and services you will get in accordance with the money you spend. If your budget is sufficient to stay in luxury hotels, The Trans Luxury Hotel could be an alternative choice of hotels close to Trans Studio Bandung.

The-Trans-Luxury-HotelThe Trans Luxury Hotel
5 Star Hotel
Jl. Gatot Subroto 289, Bandung City, Bandung
Number of rooms 280
Free wifiWifi
Rp 1.610.000, –
>>>>>> Booking Hotel Bandung in hotelmurah.com <<<<<<< But if your budget is mediocre and want to stay in a cheap hotel close to Trans Studio Bandung, then the second alternative hotel is Ibis Bandung Trans Studio. This 3 star hotel in Bandung is still one area with The Trans Luxury Hotel, but the room rates offered Ibis Bandung Trans Studio is much cheaper when compared with The Trans Luxury Hotel. With a price below 500 thousand, you can stay at a cheap hotel Ibis Bandung Trans Studio. So, the choice of cheap hotels in Bandung close to Trans Studio Bandung is Ibis Bandung Trans Studio. Ibis-Bandung-Trans-StudioIBIS Bandung Trans Studio 3 star hotel Jl. Gatot Subroto No. 289, Bandung Number of rooms 606 Free Wifi Wifi Rp 475,200.00 >>>>>> Booking Hotel Bandung <<<<<<

Want a cheaper price than Ibis Bandung Trans Studio? Relax, there are some cheap hotels near Trans Studio Bandung, which is on Jalan Pelajar Pejuang, approximately less than 1km distance from Trans Studio Bandung. If you prefer to find a cheaper hotel and willing to drive further, you can get a cheap hotel near Trans Studio Bandung following.