Just What Exactly Is Blake Shelton Lose Weight?

Following his divorce from country songstress Miranda Lambert, blake shelton lose weight becomes a hot topic all around the world. People seem to be fascinated by the country singer’s body transformation and have all suggested that he has been through something called divorce diet following the unfortunate outcome of the pair’s marriage. While it is debatable that so called divorce diet is a real thing, Blake Shelton did indeed went through a hard time after his breakup with his wife. He was once quoted to feel stressed out and starving following the event. However, this is not due to his intention to look slimmer. Rather, it was because he was feeling unhappy that he starts starving himself and stops eating altogether.

blake shelton lose weight

For all it’s worth, the thing called “blake shelton lose weight” entails two things that the celeb hates the most: exercise and diet—which are two things almost all people hate as well. After his failed marriage, Blake Shelton seemed to feel determined to turn his own life around for the better. So he started to refine his diet and improve his appearance through exercising. He also took diet pills but as you know, pills can do only so much.

So, it turns out that what people are referring to as blake shelton lose weight is not a carefully crafted weight loss program with secret ingredients thrown into the mix. It is just what most people avoid: working hard with stern and focused determination to turn their life around.

5 Effective Weight Loss Workout

Weight loss workout is something that often becomes a big deal for many people. There are indeed many people who are fortunate since they were just born with a tendency of being slim and ideal. However, some others must put so many efforts just for their ideal body shapes. Are you one of them? If yes, what are the attempts that you have done already? Are they including doing some movements or just consuming of weight loss supplements? For workout, there are indeed some kinds of them that must be included. What are they?

Push Up

This is actually a very familiar movement. Most of you must have done it anyway. It is by doing face down position and then using your hands and feet as the support. Just do movements like going up and going down continuously by counting for at least 50 times. It is probably quite difficult to be done at the beginning. But along with the time goes by, you can find it much easier.  Although this workout is known more as a way to strengthen your muscles, it is also effective enough for you who want to lose weight.


This exercise is also really economical without any supporting tools. You only need to place your hands over the head and then move down your body slowly to the squat position. While doing this movement, make sure that your hands are also moved to the front. You can add the speed of your movement. The faster can be better as well particularly for you who want to burn the fat one the belly area. The movement must be done simultaneously since the hands are very important to keep the balance of your body as a whole.

Sit Up

This weight loss workout is also another way to burn out the belly fat. Well, this movement must also be familiar enough for you. You may lay your body down on the floor or mattress. Using mattress is recommended if you want to prevent your body from any injury. Meanwhile, place the hands behind the head. Slowly, lift up the head and body up to the waist to the sitting position. Then, bring back the position to lying down. Similar to other movements mentioned in the previous points, you need to do it around 50 times by counting.

Going Up and Down Stairs

Do you have a house with at least two floors? Well, you can just take advantages of this situation. Make sure to spare your time to going up and down through the stairs for several times in sequence at least once a day.


Morning is a great time for running around your neighborhood. You don’t need to do it in a very high speed. You can just slow down and do it casually by moving your body right and left. This running is also commonly called as jogging anyway. It is so good to do it while taking your pet road. More than that, it is really a good weight loss workout.