Reason for ‘Rick and Morty’ Cartoon Favored Kere Millenials in Many Countri

Reason for ‘Rick and Morty’ Cartoon Favored Kere Millenials in Many Countries

Cartoon “Rick and Morty” is undoubtedly the favorite series of millennials in various countries. The main premises of the story are strange, grim, even semi-psychedelic. In essence, scientists who hate others have grandchildren who have below average intelligence. Both are adventuring in all kinds of universes. There is a tinge of nihilism in this animated series; but it is pessimism and nihilism that makes us feel relieved when Watch Rick and Morty .

“Rick and Morty” often displays rough or harsh content, and the family dynamics portrayal in the series is an annoying reversal of the ideal family. The audience never expected the characters Beth and Jerry reconcile. We tend to think ‘divorce alone’, for the good of the children and themselves. The theme of this cartoon series can make that watch so resigned.

Ndilalah, this animated series is not just a successful hit cult hit, but also managed to reap financial benefits. For the young male audience, “Rick and Morty” earned the highest rating compared to any television series aired in its first season. As the television network began to market the third season, which was about to be released in the near future, the series became more and more popular, to the point that Rick’s body-shaped car traveled the United States, selling merchandise that sold well-the fans waited in line for hours.

There are many answers to the question of why this animated series is a tough success-but no satisfactory answer. What is clear, with all the disasters (politics and nature) happening around the world, the usual jokes are no longer effective to entertain anxious spectators. That’s why “Rick and Morty” with a fusion of brutality sucks and unusual goodness, is presumed to present something new.

This animated series is the hard work of Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, who often change the cliches of the science fiction genre into strange and hypnotic plots. Harmon’s expertise in formulating sitcom formula is a good reason to watch the Community series that unfortunately get less appreciation; Roiland himself is a creative partner in the production of “Rick and Morty”. Roiland participated in developing characters, and filled the voice of characters in this series at Harmon’s digital television workshop Channel 101.

Rick and Morty smash the world we know and return it back to the earliest times in a very disturbing way. Rick and Morty move to the universe in a different dimension where our hero-doppelgänger just died patently, or the dimension in which the pets that pretend are like gods and enslave humans.

But for the size of an animated series with many monsters and alien genre, the characters “Rick and Morty” respond to cosmic tragedies in very familiar existentialist ways, sometimes even with the honesty that makes audiences feel their own. “WHAT OBJECTIVES OF MY LIFE?” asked a robot Rick had crafted to smear and butter. “You take butter,” Rick replied. The robot looked at both hands and for the first time realized the meaning: butter-butter. “YES GOD,” he said. The dilemmas of Rick and Morty are very hilarious and absurd, but the despair of the characters is real. This is why the millennial generation-which is not even watching television-loves this animated series.

Goldman Sachs called the millennial “the renter generation” in a recent report. In my opinion, this generation does not buy a house (instead of contracting it, that’s why it’s called), cars, or durable items like refrigerators and washing machines-and it could be because their parents have bought and owned it all. Since the recession, the average wage in every industry except healthcare has dropped for those under the age of 34. This is another reason to watch an animated series that airs on an unpaid channel: millennials do not subscribe to paid channels.

“Greed has destroyed the [cable] value proposition,” industry analyst Greenfield RIch said in a research note last week. Target demo “Rick and Morty” think long about buying television, let alone to subscribe Time Warner.

This financial trend is clearly visible in the episodes of “Rick and Morty.” Many young people avoid advertising, so many companies are trying to reach consumers by putting the products in the television series, and the brands that do not sell in the youth consumer do not do it at all (try to observe, baseball is not there, Lexus ads targeted to consumers aged under 40?). So, the placement of products in “Rick and Morty” is an index of brands that the poor can reach: Wheat Thins, Cold Stone Creamery, Shoney’s, McDonald’s. No Whirpool, Infiniti, financial services let alone the property. These things are targeted at people who are not afraid to live under a bridge, and do not need a miserable shot in a half-hour dinner comedy comedy.

When Rick conveyed to his daughter that “emotionally speaking, honey, Shoney’s my house” we not only laugh at Rick: we laugh at Shoney’s as well. Who can be at home, emotionally speaking, in the restaurant you came to when the Applebee is closed due to the flood? Yes, most of the millennials in the US.

A few weeks ago, Adult Swim-the channel that aired “Rick and Morty” -pirited an episode of the third season on April Fools Day as a kind of anti-joke. The internet likes jokes about the discontinued McDonald’s menu (yay, brand synergy) but the fact that its punchline is Rick destroys the intergovernmental economy by hacking into the Galactic Federation’s server center, creating a financial crisis, which could provide more jobs in the food service industry at between parties.

Tragedy plus time is the same as comedy, but if you do not have time, the speed of light may work.

Although Rick is the only omniscient teacher, it is Morty who utters it best, when he tries to explain to his sister that he and Rick have managed to destroy the whole universe with a love potion and have to hide it in their universe because Rick and Morty whom he knows has just died world. Moral of this story?

“Nobody lives to run a goal, we do not come from everywhere, everyone will die,” he told his sister. “Let’s see, watch TV.”