Trunyan and Penglipuran Village Day Tour: Get to Know the Traditional Bali

penglipuran village tour
penglipuran village tour

Trunyan and Penglipuran Village Day Tour is a trip to see Balinese unique custom and tradition. This takes you to the mystical Trunyan Village and traditional Penglipuran Village in northern Bali. You must’ve known that Bali is not only about tropical beaches with awe-inspiring sunset (or sunrise). Bali is full of unique customs and traditions. While southern Bali is popular for its crowded beaches and modern nightlife, areas in northern Bali are usually calmer and humbler. So, if you want to get to know more of this beautiful island, make sure to put this Bali day tour in your itinerary! Trunyan and Penglipuran Village Day Tour is perfect for the eccentrics who are into cultural studies (and mystical stories). If you are one of them, you will be thrilled to know what you will see during this tour.

Trunyan Village

Trunyan Village lies at the foot of Mount Batur, adjacent to Lake Batur. This isolated ‘hidden’ village can only be reached by boat. This is where Bali Aga people live and preserve their unique funeral custom. While some people buried their deceased ones or cremated them, Bali Aga people in Trunyan Village have their own way. They simply put the dead body on the ground, cover it with bamboo cage, and leave it there. Won’t it smell bad, you ask? No, it won’t, thanks to the nice-smelling tree Taru Menyan which towers majestically nearby. The name of this ancient banyan tree is also believed to be the derivation of the village’s name.

The fastest way to reach Seme Wayah, the area where dead bodies are placed and left, is by boarding onto a boat from Trunyan Village. It will take approximately 15 minutes to arrive. There, you will see human skulls and bones. You can even spot corpse still intact if someone in the village happens to recently die during your visit.

Penglipuran Village

Another exceptional village in northern Bali is Penglipuran Village. While you can catch a sight of the unique funeral custom in Trunyan, here you can observe Balinese traditional architecture. The name is an acronym of Balinese words pengeling and pura, literally means ‘to remember the holy place [of the ancestors]’. In 2016, Penglipuran Village is seen as one of the top three best villages in the world. Unwind yourself in the calming vibes you’ll feel all over the area!

Do you know? Penglipuran Village is also awarded with a kalpataru, an award given to a person or a group of people for preserving the environment in Indonesia. You won’t see any single piece of rubbish there! Besides the prohibition to litter in the area, villagers and visitors are also forbidden to smoke outside the provided area. Moreover, motor vehicles are also not allowed to go inside the village area. All of them should be put in the garage behind the houses, away from the area. How cool this village is!

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